Searching for talented writers to contribute to our telecommuter blog.

Work At Home Job Agency provides many opportunities for freelance writers. Bloggers also are known as publishers, can earn revenues by publishing sponsored blog posts for our partnered advertiser or from us directly.  Approved publishers are hired as freelance writers and must follow the rules and guidelines set by Work At Home Job Agency once approved.

Articles submitted should be no less than 300 words written in either Microsoft Word or Word Perfect. Articles should also be submitted via email to If we publish your article on Work At Home Job Agency’s website we will identify you in the article as the author and will include your contact information so that readers may be in direct touch with you.

Expectations of Guest Writers

We expect the following from guest writers:

  • Create original content aimed at achieving work/life balance while working at home.
  • You can re-post an excerpt from your article on your personal blog, but we ask you not republish the whole post.
  • Respond to comments on your posts promptly (and of course, be respectful)
  • Many of our blog posts are under 800 words, but if it takes more to write a great post we’re open to it.

Yes, we require experience of up to 6 months to qualify.

Guest writers will not be compensated for the articles provided. Instead allowed to have their name, and website information featured below each post so that readers may be in direct touch with you.

Join us!