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Understanding Paycheck Scams

15 Feb, 2021

“A paycheck is the amount of money earned as a result of a job done or service rendered. Like-wise fake paycheck is the payment made that is not delivered to a person who earned the money.”

Work At Home Job Agency is an online company which provides remote work and  compensated it’s  employees a check within the United States and through western union or money gram internationally. The agency created a pay roll with the profile of the employee and the duration for the work and money a detailed payment history. From research I found out creating a fake paycheck takes about one minutes and five dollars. At Work At Home Job Agency a payroll was created for me with my monthly income on it.
I once had a challenge, where I was sent western union by the agency. When I went to the counter with the tracking number, the cashier said the western union was not found. I returned back to the agency, to cancel the transaction and sent it directly into my account.
Fake paycheck scam can take this format.
That you will be given a tracking number.
If you don’t have an account and you have to go to the counter to cash the western union, there is going to be almost six hours time difference.
So before you can go to the counter, the western union can be canceled and will not be found by your bank.
And it will be updated on your payroll that you have been paid for the month while you didn’t receive any money.
Most times it is better to have a direct account in order to avoid paycheck scam.
I did my best to open an account with the first bank of Nigeria in order to curtail paycheck scam.
Thank you very for the time given.
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