Work At Home Job Agency provides entry-level opportunities to qualified job seekers online with a maximum of 120 hours during the course of 12 weeks. This employment assistance program currently provides part-time and seasonal jobs. Starter positions are great resume builders as they provide experience and job history to beginners looking employment at home. All job seekers can re-apply quarterly for starter jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, there are no fees for our job assistance program.

Pay ranges from your states minimum wage up to 18/hr.

Currently customer service, tutoring, administrative, data entry, freelance writing, and sales. We are constantly looking to improve our selections. Please check back for updates.

Starter positions are seasonal and based on your availability. A maximum of 120 hours is required during the term of your employment. This program provides flexibility, allowing you to set your own schedule.

Yes, starter job provides the opportunity for first-time job seekers working at home the chance to build their resume with real work experience. You can also apply if you're simply looking for an additional source of income as well. Please contact customer service if you require help updating your resume.

This is an entry-level position. A degree is not required.

Yes, you can re-apply for starter jobs. We will work with you to find direct work.

To complete the application please continue below.

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