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Freelance Bloggers Wanted – REMOTE

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Freelance Bloggers Wanted – REMOTE

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We provide sponsored campaigns job for freelance writers. A sponsored blog post looks like any other post on a blogger’s website and should have the same tone and editorial feel. The big difference is that a brand is paying the blogger to create the post. WAHJA’s techniques and features will help you reach your ultimate goal of earning money from your blog.

There are two ways to go about sponsored content: You can accept sponsored content on your blog or You can work with a company willing to publish your sponsored posts on their website or blog. Your honest opinion and or first impressions are very valuable as a blogger.

Examples of Sponsored Blog Posts

Just as blog posts can take many forms, so can sponsored blog posts. For example, a cooking blog can create a sponsored post around a particular ingredient. Some bloggers run giveaways as a form of sponsored posts, while others will use a product and write up a review.

Paid Post Writing Rules

  • All blog posts MUST BE PERMANENT. Bloggers who remove posts after being paid will automatically be declined and will no longer be accepted into the Wahja network.
  • You will be assigned topics for each campaign write your opinion about in your blog.
  • Your blog post must remain online and be permanent.
  • Bloggers caught submitting posts with duplicate content will be banned from WAHJA network for life, there are no excuses. Your pending earnings will be lost in full.
  • There must not be any pop-up advertising on the posts page.

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