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These days remote working has become a norm in different industries including the field of technology. At the same time, 9-5 and one-size-fits-all jobs are becoming less appealing. So what are some benefits to working remotely?

  • Spend less time spent commuting
  • Flexibility in your schedule
  • The freedom to control your time and income

Maintaining balance is one of the most difficult aspects of working at home because the work is always right there staring you in the face. “To keep you on track (and not working too much or too little), organization will be key. Get organized by creating filing systems, schedules, and to-do lists .”

Brush up on your communication skills:
Because you’ll be doing your work remotely, you’ll need to have excellent communication skills. Often you won’t have the visual and verbal cues that normally help guide a conversation. “Although cell phones, instant messages, and software like Skype make it easy for people to stay in touch, the majority of your communication will be done via e-mail.” You will need to make sure that you can covey what you mean clearly and concisely.

Basic Requirements:

  • 18+
  • High School Diploma/GED
  • High-Speed internet access at home (Ethernet, no Wireless)
  • A laptop or PC (no tablets or cellphones)
  • An antivirus software
  • A quiet, noise-free space that is free of distractions

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Yes, we invite both job seekers from the USA, and internationally to apply. Please check each job listings for any restrictions.

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The dedication level will vary with each job listing. We can provide additional training to prep job-seekers for certain jobs. You will be notified if a job position requires a degree via the job board.

Yes, we are always hiring work at home agents for a variety of job positions. Please visit the job board and submit a copy of your resume to get started.

Work equipment varies from job to job. You will be notified during the application process. To get started we generally require a laptop or desktop computer, a landline phone, and high-speed internet.

Yes. Work At Home Job Agency provides online training courses for job seekers. For a full list of our services click here


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