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26 Apr, 2021

Working from home is a process where businesses or jobs are being carried out at home to earn a living or to get established, gathering of wealth and riches in other to sustain life. Is also a process where you choose to make your home your office, where you carry out your job-related activities or businesses.

Before the outbreak of CORONA VIRUS DISEASE (COVID-19) working at home or from home has being in existence, but it wasn’t accepted by all. There was this stigma about those who work from home, a lot of questions were asked like: What kind of jobs are they actually doing at home? How can people get to about my business when am always working from home? Can people be serious when working from home? How can I balance my work-life activities? These are few questions among many others that were asked. Some people find working from to be very lucrative but some people doesn’t see it that way, not until the outbreak of one of the world most deadly disease CORONA VIRUS DISEASE PANDEMIC (COVID-19) hit the world entirely and at large and that has restructured the mindset of people that even those who are blind in businesses can really see that the world of business has changed entirely. Since the most important part of any job or business is YOU and how to make MONEY, and working from home is as lucrative as working outside your home or even more, then working from home seems like a better option.

The most important part of a job, business or any business IS YOU, when you have job or business idea, anywhere you go to or wherever you are, your job or business still functions. “You are your business and your business is you”. You are the major aspect of a business and the primary raw material when establishing a business or making a business plan.

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Remember that working from home has to be in existence even before the outbreak of CORONA VIRUS DISEASE (COVID-19). The pandemic just activated the idea of jobs and business in you, letting you know that you can achieve anything and make wealth or money when working from home; People are becoming used to working from home and are fast becoming part of their daily life activities even if (COVID-19) is eradicated. Working from home has become part of what people do to earn money or to make wealth, if (COVID-19) is not eradicated, people will still work from home while they manage the virus. A lot of people today are living with HUMAN IMMUNODEFICIENCY VIRUS (HIV) and ACQUIRED IMMUNE DEFICIENCY SYNDROME (AIDS) and work and other life activities still go on.

Working from home is here to stay because it has a lot of advantages, the world is advancing, people are upgrading, and after the outbreak of (COVID-19) the world has not being the same and
will never be the same again. Every country is trying to find a way to keep up in its economical standard even with the presence of (COVID-19). If business organizations are shut down, they will want to improvise by finding a way to still work, and working from home is the answer.

If you are not in SCHOOL, CHURCH, MOSQUE, SPORT CENTERS, and MARKET PLACE, or any other business organization outside your house, where else can you be? And the answer is HOME.
SO if SCHOOL, SPORT CENTERS, and MARKET PLACE, or any other business organization outside your house is shut down as a result of (COVID-19) or any other global outbreak, where else can you work? And the answer is HOME. The world is fast accepting working from home to be an ideal method of business and these have made it almost impossible to stop work from home.

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