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Do I Need an Office Space to Work From Home

22 Feb, 2021

An office is a room or set of rooms or buildings used as a place for commercial, professional, personal, or bureaucratic work. An office is also a part of a house given over to household work or storage. An office performs a clerical function, collection of information, planning, executive function, recording and analyzing information, decision making, and an archive where books or vital documents or information are kept, managed, and maintained for immediate use or for historical purpose.


Space is an amount of an area or of a place that is empty or that is available for use. Remember what an office is? Now, what is an OFFICE SPACE? An office space can be said to be a room or a building of a place, that is empty or that is available for use. If this is correct, YOU DON’T NEED AN OFFICE SPACE TO WORK FROM HOME.

Working from home is so thrilling and exciting; it increases your productivity in a very large percentage with so much flexibility and accessibility. Your focus and determination is the key to being as productive at home as you might be at the office. Working from home gives both the employer and the employee so much benefit when they work together. Working from home gives an employee the power and control over his/her schedule.

When an employee is in control of his/her schedule, performs better and more effectively, with the effectiveness of an employee, productivity is increased, error is reduced and costs are minimized. Working from home doesn’t really mean you staying inside your room all day or indoor, you can sit in a very beautiful garden in your house, or your balcony to work from your house, depending on the type of job or business you are operating or working on. You can have a CYBER CAFE in your house, where people around your neighborhood come for internet businesses and research. Photocopy machines, scanners, laminating machines, and other electrical appliances or electronics can be used or sold to people for profit-making. There is so much advantage to working from home with little or no space.


     Working in the office can be productive too, sometimes you need to absent yourself away from some personal things at home in other to get enough concentration, that alone can increase your productivity. But looking at the factors attached in many offices, one would see working at home as of better advantage, no dressing code at home, strict rules and regulations do not apply, an employee is not under any serious pressure or under any duress or fear of his/her superior. Everything that can be achieved while working in the office, more can be achieved at home with a little space, depending on the kind of business you do. Your sitting room or bedroom can be your office, have you ever imagine the internet or online businesses?



Building an office somewhere far from your home requires a huge capital, the design of the structure, painting, electricity among other things which encourages good working condition. The cost of transportation from home to the office every day is removed, you will save more money People spend more when they eat outside their homes, that way you can save more and achieve a high or acceptable output.


Time is money and money is time. Punctuality can hardly be maintained or achieved, neither would there be consistency because of traffic jam, Imagine being on the road everyday from home to office and office to your house, with all the road traffic everyday and expect to be on time always.


Working from home will give you a good sense of work-life balance. You eat a healthy diet and have time for your family and friends. When you work with so much happiness and comfort, you are more productive, the stress is reduced and pressure is maintained.


You don’t need office space to work from home. An office can be anywhere you find space or feel comfortable to work, if you will put half of the effort you put while working in the office at home, you will achieve more profits and you will be more productive.

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