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Avoid Work From Home Assembly Scams

18 Oct, 2020

Let me be completely clear: envelope stuffing and “home assembly” of products are always scams. Unlike some of the other opportunities explained in this article, there are no instances when this is a legitimate opportunity. So just avoid them.

In the age of globalization, manufacturers do not mail work to be assembled by remote workers. If companies want to save on assembly expenses, they simply move the work to countries with very low labor costs. As for envelope stuffing, machines can stuff envelopes far much more efficiently than people, particularly when you consider the added cost of sending and receiving work to/from home-based contractors. (Also machines are pretty good at mimicking human handwriting so those that are looking for handwritten addressing of envelopes are scams as well).   

These scams are not an attempt to get free labor because there really is no legitimate work in the first place. There is always a fee or a need to enter your credit card information in these scams, purportedly to cover the cost of postage or materials or because this is a “home business opportunity.” Assuming that the scammer ever actually sends anything, the next step is for you to assemble or stuff as instructed. However, no matter how closely you follow the instructions the company deems your work not up to its “standards.” The clause saying work must meet company standards is in the information packet, but the standards are never spelled out. But in most cases, no envelopes or assembly work is ever sent. This is typical of a pyramid scheme, and since there is no real income to be earned in the first place, it will collapse. 

For more information on how to protect yourself at home during the pandemic, Work At Home Job Agency provides a comprehensive course designed to educate and to provide help on what to do if you have fallen victim to scams online.

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  1. Stop. Check it out. Never pay money to earn money. And don’t share personal information until you’ve done your research. Search online for the company name and the words “review,” “scam” or “complaint.”
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